Legends Match 2011

The club organised a “Legends Match” and invited all past players (who could actually move) to come and play a team from the current list of players (young guns). Quarters were set to 4 X 15 minute quarters but as it turned it we problably should have set them to 8.

The legends were aptly coached by club legend Ric Ellard with a few of the legends on the wrong side of 50. The young guns were coached by the then League coach Scott Baker.

Rules were put in place to ensure injuries were kept to a minimum. Vicious rumours that the rules were to protect the young guns from being belted by the “legends” were heard around the place prior to the game.

Needless to say the day and game were a tremendous success with hopefully a repeat every 2-3 years. Given the “legends” had 7 hamstrings, 2 groins and a knee go they’ll need the time to recover.

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