Most Courageous

The Santos Caratozzolo Medal

Arguably The Valley’s most sought after award – it is named in memory of Santos Caratozzolo, who played 170 games for the club but sadly lost a long battle with cancer. Santos typified The Valley spirit, he was small in stature and not the most talented player but gave his all, on and off the field. This award can only be won once and is open to a player from any grade that has displayed the qualities Santos is so fondly remembered for.

1997L McKay
1998C Rutherford
1999R Ellard
2000N Sumich
2001A Kempton
2002D Park
2003P Hansen
2004G Venema
2005J Fondacaro
2006R Esteban
2007J Whyte
2008B O'Connor
2009P Chadwick
2010R Ellis
2011J Woodley
2012M Micallef
2013S Baker
2014J McGill
2015B DeLacy
2016E Shambrook
2017C Rex
2018D Fisher

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